The Farmer Brian Champney: In My Own Words

Brian Champney is a dairy farmer in Holland, Vermont, who sees renewable energy as vital to the economic sustainability of dairy farms.

Transcript: Brian Champney

To be a dairy farmer it takes dedication, I think that’s the biggest you know you’ve gotta, you gotta be dedicated, especially in today’s age.

I think it’s important, for you know, almost any farmer. Today you need to diversify, we’re getting paid almost the same as we were thirty years ago.

Wind turbines, even as a little kid I was always interested I just I like them. They’re mechanical, I’m a mechanical kind of guy, I look at that wind turbine as another piece of equipment to help make the farm more viable.

The power that this turbine will generate, it’s gonna take roughly two acres. To do a solar project to generate that much power it takes a hundred and ten acres and we can’t afford to lose, you know, we can’t afford to lose 110 acres, and I’m just a firm believer in that you try to leave the place a little bit better then you found it and I think renewable energies does that.

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