Jim Slicer: In My Own Words

Jim Slicer manages a wind farm in Sheffield, Vermont.

Transcript: Jim Slicer

Before being at the Sheffield Wind farm, I spent 25 years in the aviation industry. Since changing my career from aviation to coming into renewable energy,  I’ve really learned the importance of it. It’s definitely needed for our future to keep this planet going in a positive direction.

Wind energy in Vermont, I believe, is a very viable source.  We have a great, great wind resource here. Picturesque. Every time I look at the turbines, I just think they are beautiful.

A lot of people come up here, curious about the turbines and if I have free time, I’m more than glad to take them on a tour around the site. I guess the biggest thing I want people to understand, when you look at these turbines, they operate fully on their own. There’s no extra motors or generators or anything that gets the turbines going.

It’s the wind. It’s 100% the wind and we’re just harnessing that and producing clean, renewable energy.

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