John Kidder: Electricity generation is central to our sustainable energy future. 

John Kidder is an educator and professor in Randolph, Vermont, who developed the renewable energy program at Vermont Technical College.

Transcript: John Kidder

With the students that come to Vermont Tech and study renewable energy, we’re hoping one of the important outcomes is that they learn not only about the engineering technology of the systems, but they have to know how to work within organizations. They know how to be entrepreneurial.

It’s a rapidly changing field. Wind power is one of the core technologies that we teach with a dedicated course and when you look at the renewable energy field wind power plays a central role in terms of being an electrical generating technology that’s central to the future infrastructure, so it’s a very important part.

We teach the four, kind of core technologies that you’re really going to have to integrate together to have a full system that’s going to be carbon free. Having a sustainable energy system in the future is going to require a lot of different solutions and wind power is one of those solutions, it’s a very important part of the solution. So being able to integrate a number of different power generation sources together is important and wind would certainly do it.

Our future energy system is going to be electrical, in Vermont we’re going to be heating our houses probably with electricity eventually, more and more. We’re going to be driving cars that are electrical more and more so electrical generation is going to be very, very important and wind power provides a way of generating electricity directly from a renewable energy source.

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