Younger Vermonter Landon Mariano: In My Own Words

Landon Mariano recently moved to Cabot, Vermont and is a scientist working for a renewable energy manufacturing company.

Transcript: Landon Mariano

My wife and I moved from New Jersey to Vermont here, in the middle of nowhere about just over a year ago actually.

I gotta tell you, I do love my job. I’d never in a million years thought I would be doing something like this. Before my role here I didn’t really think of energy at all, it’s something that I, like most people, took for granted. You flip on the switch of your home and you expect that constant 60 Hertz.

Wind energy is what allows me to stay here and I think wind energy is a good technical foundation that allows for people with, you know, college degrees, people with technical aptitude, to come into Vermont and establish themselves here.

They’re solid, high-paying jobs that allow you to raise a family in a beautiful area and I couldn’t think of a better place to raise my two dogs, my very fat cat and raise a family.

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